Knowing God

Hey everyone, it’s Tatiana. I have had some things on my mind that I wanted to share with you. I’ve seen what happens when a teenager thinks he or she is a Christian but they aren’t. I’ve seen those everyone thought were believers be pulled away by the world. I’ve seen this and more and seen the pain it has caused to them, to their parents, and to those who loved them. It’s heartbreaking. I have been doing some studies related to this. I believe that the problem is that most of us don’t really know God. We don’t pray, we don’t read His Word, we haven’t given ourselves over to Him, and we don’t trust Him. How could we? We don’t know Him. I don’t want to be like that. I believe that anyone who truly loves the Lord doesn’t want to be like that. So what can we do? Where do we start? Here…

1: Pray! And I don’t mean “Dear God, Please let this be a good day and please help me to get a good score on my math test. In Jesus’ name. Amen. ” No, I mean sincere prayers, ones that truly come from the heart. We when pray it isn’t like you’re talking to your best friend and able to make jokes and fool around; no, you’re talking to your Lord and Savior! You’re talking to the God that makes it possible for you to wake up every morning, who makes every breath possible. Without Him you wouldn’t even be here to read this post! When you pray ask for guidance, for wisdom , for understanding. And give Him time to answer. Don’t worry if it seems slow. Some prayers get answered immediately and many don’t! God always answers our prayers but it is on His timetable.

2: Read His Word! Most people today (or at least some of the ones I’ve met!) don’t truly read His Word as they should. They find five minutes when they aren’t texting, playing a video game, working, reading or something else that takes up a good deal of time, and they sit down and open the Bible to some random book and without praying beforehand, without taking the time to realize that in most countries they would be killed just for having the Bible, they just read. But Scripture tells us to Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3: 5-6, ESV) But they don’t take any of it to heart, they think “Oh sure I trust Him!” but they don’t mean it. When you read God’s Word think how blessed you are just to be able to do so. Take it to heart because every chapter in His Book is important! Understand it! The Bible won’t do you any good if you misconstrue it in some way.

3: Give Him your life! Jesus died for His people! He went to an excruciating death for your sake! God, His Father, poured out His wrath on Jesus in order that men might be saved. Without Him doing that for you, you would have no hope! You would never be good enough, none of us would. We’re too sinful. But because of His blood we have a chance to live forever with Him, so don’t you think you owe Him something? He died for you, now it’s time for you to die to self. Know what that means? It means putting all of your worldly loves, everything that pulls you away from Him in anyway, aside. The things of this world can’t and won’t save you; it’s time you go to the One who can.

4: Give Him your trust, don’t worry about what tomorrow might bring, don’t kill yourself with the “What if?” question. He made the Universe, He made everything that there ever was or will be, don’t you think He’s capable of parting the red sea for you, for your good, for His glory, and in His time?

Please don’t take this lightly. Please take a moment to really think and to pray.

Thank you,


6 responses to “Knowing God

  1. I try to find about half an hour a day to spend with God to read the Bible and pray. I am trying to get to God better! If you don’t your Bible how can you get close to God? Great post Ana


    • Thank you! I agree with you! Far too many people overlook the importance of knowing God’s Word I don’t think they see that without knowing His Word you don’t know really know Him.


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