The Rock That Breaks The Waves

Why is modesty such a difficult thing for so many of us? Why do we say such phrases as, “Just as long as it covers everything”? Why do we ask questions such as, “How short is too short?’, or “How far can I go before I cross ‘the line’?” Shouldn’t the question be, “How much can I honor You with my body, Lord?” Let’s back up here…

People have opinions, and they are going to try to force their opinions down your throat; mostly good and well-meaning opinions. Even most prominent people in Christian circles do this, and we have the tendency to run after “the popular crowd” (yes, even in Christian circles!), and follow their rules on modesty and so on. We like to “impress the best”, so we take on a bunch of man-made rules, in this case: modesty defined by a bunch of legalistic Christians (pardon me, but that…

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