Will you send Mr. Trump to Washington?

pexels-photo-129112I’m an old movie buff. Give me an old Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, or Clark Gable movie and I’m perfectly content. In fact, it was an old Jimmy Stewart movie,Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, that got me thinking about this up coming election and something came to mind. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before.

Mr. Trump is a lot like Mr. Smith in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. A man who isn’t a politician trying to stand up against the corrupt people of D.C. The man they were sure couldn’t touch them is bringing down the house of cards. He came in and saw that while they said they were doing what’s best for the people they were really making under the table deals that really only served them.  And he decided that it was time to drain the swamp.

In the movie Mr. Smith didn’t really know how to handle other politicians and didn’t understand that they would stab him in the back. Mr. Trump is not a politician but, unlike Mr. Smith when he first came to D.C., he does know that the establishment will stab him in the back. And like Mr. Smith, Mr. Trump has figured out how they play the game. And he’s really good at staying two steps ahead of Hillary.

Hillary offers us the same “deals” Obama has offered us for eight long and painful years. The same deals that have destroyed us. She intends to give us more of the same while continuing to destroy our way of life.

Hillary intends to allow innocent babies to be killed up until the due date. To allow Muslims free access to our country. She says that Christians must be forced to change what they believe. She wants to destroy what little Obama has left us.

She’s a proven liar who won’t think twice about putting our safety at risk if it serves her and the Clinton foundation. And she’s the woman who went to sleep leaving those men in Benghazi to die.

Mr. Trump offers us freedom of religion. He intends to make abortion illegal. To build a wall and close our borders. To vet those who wish to come here to live. And to make them come here legally. He wants to protect and defend us. Mr. Trump wants to make America the land of the free and home of the brave once again.

So I ask you, how far will Hillary have to go, and how much damage must she cause, before you can get your heads out of the sand and vote for the one man who will stop her?

I ask you, will you send Mr. Trump to Washington?


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