What he must be if I am to marry him

ben-white-147270.jpgI’ve been thinking recently as to what my future husband must be before I let him put a ring on my finger. After turning to the Bible, praying, and reading a few books I’ve come to an understanding. . . Or at least I have come to an understanding for this time in my life. : ) Instead of making a regular post on this I decided to just write it out as a list, it will make it easier to read and much easier to write for me right now.

1: He must love God with all his heart, soul, strength, and mind. He won’t lean on his own understanding. I want a man whose love for God and His Word will shine through his life. The way he lives, talks, acts. Well, everything. I do not expect him to be perfect, I just expect him to be his best.

2: He must have a servant’s heart. He must be willing to give of himself for other’s sakes. I do not want a man who will idolize me, that’s a sin plain and simple, but I want a man who would be willing to die for me if the need arises.

3: He must be gentle and kind. He cannot be a man who corrects boastfully or a man prone to spouting off. He will correct kindly and will not be angry.

4: He will lead me and our family. He will be no coward. He will not fall to the ways of the world that says that he has no right to be the leader. He will lead me in holiness, Christ-likeness, and grace.

5: He will provide for us the best way he can. This does not mean that he has to be rich to be a good provider. It means that he will do his very best no matter what job he holds.

6: I’d love it if he was funny, if he loved to make me laugh. I don’t know why but I always found it so romantic if a guy loved to make his beloved laugh. It is ten times sweeter than mushy kissing scenes in my humble opinion. This isn’t a deal breaker, it is just something that I’d really like.

7: He mustn’t be immature. Too many guys these days live for the next game box, video game, or superhero thing. Too many of them have given up on being manly just to read about heroes in comic books and play them on the TV. A man worth marrying enjoys having fun, but knows that fun isn’t what life is all about. Basically, he isn’t a stick in the mud, but he isn’t a child either. He’s a man and has to live like it.

8: He’ll be a hard worker. The Bible has a lot to say about the sinfulness of being lazy or a sluggard and each time It says that He gains nothing from it, but pain and sorrow. He won’t put off to tomorrow what can be done today.

9: He must be humble. The Bible is very clear that a man who is not humble is the same as a fool and will only cause unwanted strife. So for him to be considered as husband and father material he must be humble.

10: He will be a man of prayer. Prayer is so very important to a Christian’s walk with Christ and a man who does not pray and as the Bible says pray without ceasing . Will not have as close a relationship with Christ, or he’ll have an immature one.

What’s on your list?

Do you see anything on my list you would add to?

What is the number one thing he must not be if you were to marry him


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