Four Tips On Keeping Up With Daily Bible Study

ben-white-131958.jpgI remember a time in my life when I allowed my Bible reading time to be pushed aside in order to make room for other “more important” things. I convinced myself that talking with my friends, writing my book with my best friend (that was when I wrote fiction), listening to music, pinning on Pinterest, having fun, and watching TV shows with my family were all so important that I simply couldn’t cut any of them out. So for a little while, I let my Bible study slip. I left it on my bedside table while I kept thinking about the fact that I should be spending more time in God’s Word and how it was probably wrong for me to just ignore it just because life was busy.

Because of this, my relationship with Christ quickly started to go downhill. I wasn’t as close to Him as I had been. My prayer life was dwindling. I mean, I prayed before meals, and when I went to bed, but besides that things weren’t exactly going well. Something needed to change.

Can you relate to my story? Maybe you aren’t the girl who unintentionally let your Bible reading slip, but you are the girl who has a hard time keeping up with Bible study at all. Or perhaps you’re the girl who keeps restarting the Bible every year in hopes of reading all of it, but sometimes in between Christmas break and Summer break you get so busy that it just doesn’t happen. Whatever your problem with keeping up with reading God’s Word–or mine–we need to work on making it a priority. So, with that in mind, this blog post is on how to keep up with daily Bible study and not let it slip.

Tip Number One: Make it a priority. If something is important, then we will make time for it. So, in order to make it a priority, you might want to get up earlier than usual and just dive on into it. I’ve found that the earlier you do your Bible study during the day the better off the day will be because you’re starting your day off by coming before our Lord and learning more about Him. (This is what I did)

Tip Number Two: Get an accountability partner. If just getting up early doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, you might need someone to remind you that you need to make time for it. Sometimes a little push is all you need to get headed in the right direction. : )

Tip Number Three: Remove anything and everything from your life that is preventing you from doing Bible. An idol of the heart is very dangerous and actually sinful. What you need to do is to do a heart-check. Just pray and ask God to show you what is keeping you away from Him. Soon things will probably be coming out of the woodwork. The key is: Don’t beat yourself up over this. I’m not saying that you should just give yourself a free pass when you sin, goodness no! What I am saying is that you should repent, and tell God. Repent of replacing Him with something else. Then you have to do something that won’t be the easiest thing in the world. . . Go cold turkey on whatever was captivating to your heart. This is so important so don’t let yourself go easy on this. Trust me, trying to let go of an idol little by little will only land you right back where you started. Remove it and if you need get an accountability partner do so. You will not only feel better after this, but your relationship with God will grow A LOT after this.

Tip Number Four: Don’t do it because it’s just another thing on the checklist of things you have to do daily. If reading His Word is a chore for you, then it won’t have much of an effect on you.  If that’s the case, your walk with the Lord will stagnate. So, another heart-check is in order. Figure out what really is pushing you to do Bible–is it your love for the Lord? Or, are you doing it because your family does it? This is very important. And if you find that you’re doing it out of some sort of obligation, then you need to pray and ask God to help you to do it because you want to not because you feel like you have to. Oh, and here’s a little tip, that might sound simple, but it’s true. The more you read God’s Word, the more you pour yourself into it, the more you’ll want to be in it, and the less you’ll want to be in the world.

I hope you found these tips useful!

Let me know, would you add anything to this list?

Have you ever struggled with keeping up with daily Bible study? If so, what’d you do to handle it?

Which one of the girls were you?

Thank you for stopping by, feel free to comment, and God bless!



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